Don't just optimize your revenue cycle. Transform it.


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Maximize your revenue cycle results and minimize the costs to do so?

It's a done deal with RCM Cloud®.

Increase cash flow, cut capital costs, reduce IT burden, and so much more.

RCM Cloud® is a 100% web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution hosted on the powerful, secure Microsoft Azure® cloud platform that delivers end-to-end revenue cycle management capabilities including patient and resource scheduling, inpatient and outpatient registration featuring both insurance eligibility and medical necessity checking, universal billing (facility/professional and inpatient/outpatient), completely integrated claims management, collections, payment posting, and bad debt management.  
With RCM Cloud®, hospitals and behavioral healthcare providers of all types and sizes are able to dramatically improve cash collections, increase clean claim rates, optimize staff productivity, reduce or even eliminate the need for costly third party applications, and much more all while significantly reducing their costs to collect.
Plus, since RCM Cloud® is a subscription-based SaaS solution, users gain the significant benefits of eliminating upfront capital investments, reducing the workload on their own internal IT staffs, getting complete IT/operations and application support, working anywhere any time, and paying only for what they need when they need it.

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Stockell Healthcare Systems is the Revenue Cycle Solutions Division of Medsphere Systems Corporation.